Arsenic Poisoning a Reality with Contaminated Water Warns H2O Labs

Arsenic is present in far more things than many may realize. It is even in drinking water.

“Many people have no idea that the food they eat, tobacco they smoke, the laundry detergent they use and the seafood they consume contains arsenic. Shockingly, our drinking water may also have naturally occurring arsenic present. Something you don’t want to be drinking on a long-term basis, if at all, since it’s known to cause kidney problems, vomiting, confusion, convulsions, sleepiness and vomiting,” said Larry Wardell, who writes for, a provider of water distiller systems that provide truly pure distilled water.

Continued exposure to high levels of arsenic has been identified as the root cause of numerous cancers, including liver, lung, skin, kidney and lymphatic cancer. Being exposed to arsenic over a long period of time is, unfortunately, quite common for people who work with and handle pesticides and other agricultural chemicals, toil in mines and labor in the copper smelting industry.

Over time, the exposure will lead to arsenic being deposited in hair follicles, in the skin and the fingernails. It’s insidious, odorless and deadly. Arsenic will not be found in water produced by water distillers and more homes in America may want to check of the benefits of water distillation systems to ensure they always have fresh and clean water on hand.

It’s not common knowledge, but arsenic is used in animal food, in the making of lead alloys for bullets and shots, in fittings for plumbing and to make integrated circuits to convert electricity to light (gallium arsenide).

“For those who have been drinking arsenic laced water over a long period of time, it often results in arsenicosis, not to mention multiple organ failure. The dangerous thing is that arsenic is found in underground water and is completely natural in origin, having come from the soil. There is also speculation that arsenic tainted drinking water contributes to the possibility of people contracting H1N1 flu,” Wardell said.

The long and short of it is that no one really knows what is in their drinking water and what it may do to their health. No one knows what kinds of pollutants they are introducing into their own bodies and the bodies of their family. That is a frightful thought given the fact that water is essential to survival on this planet. What is the solution to not knowing what is in the drinking water? Make sure the home has water distillers on hand to produce fresh and safe water on demand. Never again worry about what is coming out of the tap.

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