What to Consider When Choosing An Auto Insurance Policy

With deductibles and limits and liabilities, it can be difficult navigating the waters of auto insurance.

If you don’t know your PIP (personal injury protection) from your PDL (property damage liability), here are some of the basic things to consider when shopping around for auto insurance.

It is first helpful to know the auto insurance rules in your state. Here in the Sunshine State, the minimum coverage is $10,000 for personal injury protection and $10,000 for property damage liability.


Personal injury protection is there to cover you regardless of whether you are responsible for the accident or not. Also known as Florida No Fault Insurance, PIP also covers your children and members of your household, plus passengers in your automobile who do not have PIP coverage and don’t own a vehicle.

Florida requires that every driver carry PIP and property damage liability coverage for the duration of your licensing and registration period.


Property damage liability insurance is insurance that covers damages you or members of your family cause to other people’s property as a result of a vehicle crash.

Another type of coverage is bodily injury liability. This liability will pay for permanent injury or deaths when you are responsible for an accident. If you are sued, the insurance company will pay for injuries up to the limits set by your policy and provide you with legal representation if you are sued later.

Your company will pay for injuries caused by you and members of your household, even if they were driving another person’s automobile. It may also cover others who operate your vehicle with your consent. This coverage also provides you with legal defense in the event you are taken to court by the injured party.

When shopping around for auto insurance, it is important to ask agents about the details of each policy and what limits are right for you and your situation.

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