Tips to Save Cell Phones from Water Damage from CPR – Chicago Cell Phone Repair

Cell phones can be brought back from the brink of destruction after they have suffered water damage. But when all else fails when trying to revive a cell phone, seek the expertise of a professional independent cell phone repair shop like CPR – Chicago Cell Phone Repair.

One of the most common and costly incidents that cell phone owners suffer is water damage. The experience of dropping a phone in water – whether it’s the toilet or pool or some other bizarre location – can break even the most indestructible of phones. Water damage more often than not deems a cell phone inoperable.

There are some things people can do to help revive their cell phones from water damage, but they must be done fast. It helps to immediately turn off the cell phone and remove the battery and SIM card before removing excess water with a towel. Using a hair dryer or any heating element on the cell phone or its battery is a bad idea as it can damage the internal elements. After drying the cell phone off, the cell phone should be set out to dry. This process can take up to three days.

People can save themselves some time by going straight to an independent cell phone repair shop like CPR – Chicago Cell Phone Repair instead of doing it themselves and waiting three long days and praying that it will come back to life. Cell phone repair technicians might have to actually repair the exposed parts, which would be near impossible for consumers to do on their own.

“There are a lot of cell phone repair tips out there to save your cell phone from water damage,” said Jeffrey H. Gassner of CPR – Chicago Cell Phone Repair. “One thing that you have to remember is that they don’t always work. When your cell phone doesn’t respond, you should bring it to us and let our qualified technicians fix it for you and save you the headache.”

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