Thanksgiving is for Forgiving

There were once two sisters, Melissa and Margie Carr, who were best of friends growing up. They did everything together; wore matching outfits. Everyone thought they were actually twins. But Melissa was really two years older than Margie, and it was Margie who always acted like she was older than Melissa, sometimes bossing her around.

But one day, along came Matt Lockard, the future California Health Insurance agent – a dapper man in his youth – who unknowingly stole the hearts of Melissa and Margie in high school. The sisters swooned and vied for his attention but Matt had his heart elsewhere. So lo and behold, the sisters grew up and did not speak to each other after their big fight over Matt Lockard. Melissa moved to Connecticut after getting out of the Army and Margie stayed in California, got married, raised a daughter and ended being a stay-at-home mom.

When Margie’s husband hurt his back from carrying a large package and couldn’t work his postal service job, Margie Carr decided to contact Matt Lockard because she heard through the grapevine that he became a superstar California Health Insurance agent.

Matt, who was elated to hear from his high school classmate, helped Margie with her predicament. Thanksgiving was right around the corner and Margie wanted so much to thank Matt, the California Health Insurance agent, for all that he did for her family by inviting him and his family over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Matt kindly and humbly accepted.

On Thanksgiving day, Margie answered the door to find Matt, his family, and a surprise that Matt brought along with him: her long, lost sister Melissa.

“Well, I decided to look up another classmate of mine, and I believe she actually belongs to you,” said Matt, the ever dapper California Health Insurance agent.

Melissa and Margie burst into tears and hugged one another.

“I can’t believe we fought over this guy!” Margie said, as she playfully and softly punched Matt’s shoulder.

“I brought you something, sis,” Melissa said after they all settled and found a place to sit in the Margie’s living room. “I got this when I was stationed in Korea and kept it just in case one day, you know, you’d come around.”

Margie opened up the present to find two tiny, identical Japanese dolls wearing the same kimonos, with one wearing a gold nametag engraved, “Melissa” on it, and the other “Margie”.

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