No-see-ums are in your water

While your water may look fine, that doesn’t mean it is. You’d be surprised by what’s in it.

You may be surprised by what’s in your water, since when it’s poured into a glass, it looks OK and it may even smell OK too. The problem is, you can’t see what’s actually in that water and honestly, you really ought to know what’s in there before you drink it. That water may have lead, chlorine and aluminum, along with over 2,100 other toxic chemicals swirling around in the glass. You might want to pour it back into the sink and go buy a water distiller. If you want good, safe and fresh water, then you need to invest in water distillers. Nothing beats the water they make for you on demand.

All of the things in your water on tap are no-see-ums, much like those little annoying bugs that get in your face at certain times of the year and they bite. Not seeing what’s in your water could also effectively bite you later on by producing illness. Is it worth it to drink tap water? Not really, not when you can have water distillers in the home to give you fresh water that is safe to drink.

When it comes to water on tap, the devil here is the law. It says that tap water and bottled water should have “acceptable or low levels of contaminants” and ought to be organism free – meaning it won’t have bugs that cause gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, cholera and other water-borne diseases. So, whose definition is being used as “acceptable and low level?” Furthermore, what gives the government the right to tell us it’s OK that we drink contaminated water with “acceptable and low levels” of contaminants in it?

It doesn’t matter if the toxic stuff in the water is under the legal limit, because long-term exposure to it still poses a very real threat to people with compromised immune systems such as children, those with AIDS, cancer, pregnant women or convalescing patients. Basically, you’re on your own and if you want safe water, you will have to ensure you can get it at home by using water distillers. Have a water distiller at work as well for safe and fresh water made on demand. You can’t get any better than that.

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