Notes That Group Health Insurance Keeps Employees Working

Oftentimes, the availability of health insurance through an employer is listed as the top benefit factor in recruiting and retaining top-level talent.

Therefore, more and more businesses are doing their best to offer health insurance, particularly if they are looking for people with rare or high-level skills. Offering health insurance can also mean tax breaks.

“Statistics show that health insurance can reduce the number of sick days that employees take,” said Thomas Kaspar of “Here’s how: If your workforce feels comfortable seeing a doctor whenever it needs to, chances are employees will take advantage of preventative care like yearly physicals, resulting in less absenteeism.”

Business owners may be concerned about providing healthcare to employees. After all, it may have added costs, plus the administrative hassle of finding and staying on top of any potential changes.

But offering health insurance will result in a healthier workforce. Absenteeism lowers productivity in a business. It can also have an effect on the bottom line.

Preventative care in health insurance plans means that employees will make use of physicals and regular check-ups. Without insurance, this will not happen. These steps could diagnose any potential problems early, resulting in less of a chance for employees to be out for long periods of time. It can also reduce workers’ compensation and disability claims. Turnover, too, will likely be reduced as many employees prefer a job that offers health insurance. This will save money, as everyone knows there are hidden costs in hiring and training new workers.

“The bottom line: Having a healthy workforce means a more productive workforce,” Kaspar said.

There are a multitude of group health insurance plans to fit any size of business. Employers looking to provide insurance for employees must seek quotations from more than one insurance company and compare the various health plans that are being shown, ask lots of questions, and take their time in making a decision.

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