Group Health Insurance For Small Businesses

Every business might be wise to consider providing group health insurance to their employees. Group health insurance, of course, is a good incentive for attracting top-level workers.

Even the smallest small business may be able to offer this perk to its employees.

Florida’s Small Business Health Insurance Regulations

In the Sunshine State, health insurance regulations mandate that Florida health insurance policy providers make a group health insurance policy available to any small business. How is a small business defined? A small business in Florida must be legitimate and must have at least two employees, yet no more than 50.

State regulators like to make it a level playing field for small businesses. Florida health insurance laws require that the same small group health insurance policy sold to one business must be made available to other small businesses, too.

Other Requirements

However, Florida health insurance companies are able to set up minimum participation requirements for the group policy, meaning that if a certain percentage of the company does not opt in, the policy offer can be withdrawn.

Also, price can vary widely, depending on a number of factors related to the makeup of the group, including age and gender, but not health status. It is important to note that small businesses are protected in another way, too. Health insurance regulations state that policies cannot be canceled because one of the members falls ill.

Aside from the peace of mind that comes with providing medical care for you and your employees, a small business health insurance plan spreads the financial risk between all members. This results in lower premiums.

Of course, it is important for employers to make sure they have properly considered all options before selecting a final plan. If an employer is looking to provide insurance for its employees, it is necessary to seek quotations from more than one insurance company and compare the various health plans that are being shown.

If you are a small business considering purchasing group health insurance, it is important to speak at length with agents from various health insurance providers.

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