Giants’ Baseball Fan Falls Over Catching Ball

Scott Boroughs was always a gangly kid who felt out of place with his peers. He had only one best friend growing up who was practically as awkward as he was.

During baseball season and many years walking past the sandlot as a kid, always watching from a distance, he never knew the fascination of baseball. Every boy got it and now every girl in America, too. His father and grandfather, who were both life-long California health insurance agents, talked about it and obsessed about it – but it all sounded like a foreign language to him. Somehow it was supposed to mean something.

But there she was. In her baseball cap, sitting alone in the corner of the bar, watching her team intently and silently rooting for them. Scott felt his heart thump faster and didn’t know why. She looked up and smiled at him briefly, then looked back at the TV.

Scott was just going to grab a beer and leave since this was the only hotel bar around. Being that it was a sports bar, he wasn’t even going to go in, but was glad he did. Scott sat next to her in silence. Finally she asked him who his favorite team was.

“I don’t have one,” he said reluctantly.

A disappointed look went over her face.

Scott went to bathroom and hurriedly called his buddy, Matt Lockard, a California health insurance agent, to help him out. Matt told him what to say to her, play by play.

That was 10 years ago.

Since then she taught him baseball, and he taught her how to play a mean game of Scrabble, memorizing all the tough two-letter words, until she became his biggest contender.

For her birthday, he wanted to surprise her and actually wanted to take her to the game. But he didn’t want to take her to any game, so he planned it just right and got front-row tickets to see their team who made it to the playoffs!

The first hit was a foul ball that was coming their way. Scott, who never played a lick of baseball in all his life, stood up with his baseball mitt and dove like a pro after the ball like he saw those players do so many times.

However, when Scott caught the ball, he stood up for one brief moment to find that he was teetering at the edge of the railing and fell over the balcony with a big thud.

Matt Lockard, the California health insurance, always made sure Scott was up to par with his health insurance and Scott didn’t have to worry about a thing but to heal his broken leg and bruised body.

The cameras caught Scott’s heroic catch and blunder, and all of America saw Scott’s instant replay that even went viral on the Internet, that he became an overnight sensation.

Not bad for a gangly, awkward kid who never knew baseball!

“I think you need to stick to Scrabble,” his wife said.

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