Flew, Flu, Fluey!

Mr. Fluey never believed in getting his annual flu shot like everyone else. He believed the scare-tactic from the health industry was a hype just to boost pharmaceutical sales. He was always very healthy, took his Vitamin C and Echinacea; ate right and exercised daily, did his meditative Tai Chi every morning with the seniors. At 87 years old, he still had more than his wits about him. He still stood tall, made sure he had his best fedora on before he went out, and could still drive his car wherever he wanted to. So, what the heck? He escaped the swine flu or the various strains this year, so life is still great.

The next year, he went into his local pharmacy and ran into Matt Lockard, the California health insurance agent, teaming up with the store to promote their flu vaccination program.

“Hello, sir,” Matt greeted Mr. Fluey, “Have you gotten your flu shot yet?”

“Flew, flu, fluey!” Mr. Fluey replied, in the manner of, “Bah humbug!”

“I beg your pardon?” Matt asked.

“The flu shot are for sissies,” Mr. Fluey said. “I survived the Great Depression, Normandy, and Reagan; so certainly, the flu is nothing to me!”

“So you’re a veteran?” Matt asked with interest.

“Yeah, but I don’t go to the VA hospital, either. Don’t want to hang around vets in wheel chairs, talking about war wounds, and I don’t believe in the flu shot neither. I feel if you get something, you get it. That’s it. End of story!” Mr. Fluey said.

Matt Lockard, the California health insurance agent, looked perplexed. “So, what do you do if you get sick?”

“I just weather out the storm.”

“If you don’t believe that the flu shot can prevent you from getting the horrid flu, preventing you from seriously getting ill, and die, what is it that you do believe in, sir?”

“I believe in getting a beer,” Mr. Fluey said, shrugging his shoulders.

Later, Matt Lockard, the California health insurance agent, found himself at the local pub with Mr. Fluey.

“You know,” Matt said turning to Mr. Fluey with his beer mug. “I still get my shot every year, but here’s to your tenacity, fortitude and belief in beer!”

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