Chicago Cell Phone Repair Encourages Customers to Recycle Older Devices

Companies are participating in a program that makes cell phones and cell phone accessories recyclable and put into good use.

Consumers are constantly going out with the old and getting on with the new with their cell phones. Many don’t know that they have the option of recycling it.

A new program called “Wireless…The New Recyclable” hopes to change this. It is a voluntary recycling program that the wireless industry established to help assist environmentally sound practices among carriers and manufacturers. The program helps encourage consumers to recycle their wireless devices. Participating members include ALLTEL Wireless, Nokia, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. A much more comprehensive list is available at Consumers can recycle old wireless devices and accessories to any of the participating companies to take a proactive stance toward helping the environment.

“Although we are recycling site also, some of these recycling programs help provide recycled phones to domestic violence victims with matching airtime. Not only will you recycle your old phone but you will be helping out a good cause.” Said CPR – Chicago Cell Phone Repair owner Jeffrey H. Gassner.

Gassner from CPR – Chicago Cell Phone Repair is referring to programs such as “Call to Protect” and Verizon Wireless’s “Call2Recycle”. T-Mobile’s program helps children with single parents in need and Motorola has a “Race to Recycle Program” where the proceeds go to raise funds for K-12 schools. Proceeds from the Sprint Project Connect go to “4NetSafety” program, which helps kids be safer on the Internet. Many other programs such as Nokia, BlueGrass Cellular and Kyocera are helping to reduce waste and support global environmental sustainability.

Before people turn in phones to any of these companies, there are three things to remember to do. The person must first terminate service. Second, he or she should clear the phone’s memory of all the information such as contacts, pictures, phone numbers, etc. The next step is to remove the SIM card.

People can recycle the phone battery with the phone. They can also recycle accessories including cables, headsets, earpieces, cases, clips and cradles, as well as wireless devices like PDAs.

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