Champion Tile Says Flooring Choices Are Endless

There is no limit of interesting options when making tile installation choices for the home. The marketplace is an oyster.

“If it’s time to do something with your tired kitchen, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from, and it might seem overwhelming. The more information, the better, because you don’t want to make snap decisions when you have to live with your choices for a long time,” said Dean Dupre, who runs Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

“Just to save you some grief, what’s ‘in’ right now are the more natural looking tiles, like granite and travertine. That doesn’t mean you can’t opt for porcelain or ceramic though if that’s what suits your lifestyle,” he said. Synthetic tiles certainly have their benefits. If the goal is to save time cleaning, then they may be the right choice. There is also another option to consider; something called composite tiles, which Dupre says make a nice replacement for existing older Tampa flooring.

For those who want waterproof, elegant tiles with distinction and a natural look, then think about the natural stones. Often, this choice is dictated by budget.

“Natural elegance does have a higher price tag, but that might be just the thing your home needs to improve resale value, turn it into a conversation piece well worth talking about and make your home a virtual showplace,” Dupre said.

On the other side, in terms of budget considerations, is ceramic tile. This certainly is an extremely viable tile installation option. The fact that they are mass produced makes them less expensive, but no less attractive and exciting. Ceramic is very popular and really durable, which makes it a natural choice for families with children and pets. The tiles are hard and waterproof, plus easy to keep clean. They will withstand just about anything.

The natural stone tiles come in a variety of choices that include slate, onyx, marble, limestone, travertine and granite. If the idea is to give your home a touch of class, you can’t go wrong with natural stones, and the marble with the unique veining is particularly classy.

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