Cell Phone Apps and the New Workforce

When more businesses make room for telecommuters, computer networks and cell phone apps become more secure and savvy.

Cisco, the networking conglomerate, conducted a global study called the Cisco Connected World Report which found that 66 percent of the world’s population is prepared to work for less if given the time and flexibility of working at home, as opposed to the stringent grid of having to report and spend working hours in an office building.

There is now evidence that businesses can benefit from letting employees work from home. For one, their employees’ productivity will increase because workers tend to put in a few more hours than people who commute. But the biggest payoff is that computer networks are gaining more strength and speed to help support telecommuters, and are increasingly more secure.

There are also many apps on a variety of cell phones that increase productivity. There are iPhone applications called “Apps for Work”, which is a series of apps to suit a person’s business needs. The Bento app is a personal and business tool to help keep a person’s life in order with to-do lists, logs, event planning and business contacts. There is also FedEx Mobile, which helps keep track of your shipments. The app iTimesheet creates invoices and activity reports that can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet.

Then there’s Motorola’s Droid smart phone, geared up with the most insane applications a person could ever think of. The Work Clock is a handy tool for telecommuters and freelancers. It tells you how much longer you plan on working and it does the math for you. Another cool Droid app is Note Everything. It lets you create text and voice notes that you can share with others and you can import into MS Outlook, Droid Calendar and Google Calendar.

In the long run, workers can stay connected virtually anywhere – keeping abreast on various things and staying organized with work and data – with the help of the new cell-phone and Smartphone apps and the four major platforms such as Microsoft Windows 7. Overall, it is not only the employees who desire to work from home, but also the changing economics, which is solidifying the possibility of more and more workers transitioning to a telecommuting, work-from-home position.

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