Benepath President Clelland Green Talks About the Dilemma of Health Insurance in Middle Age

Not many people give middle age too much thought until they arrive there and find that getting health insurance plans is expensive.

“Many older Americans make the mistake of thinking that as they near middle age, they can rely on Medicare. They can’t actually access Medicare until they are 65 years old. In the meantime, they need a health insurance plan that suits their lifestyle that isn’t too expensive. Affordable health insurance for baby boomers is a silent issue that is beginning to come to the fore as more boomers near the magic Medicare mark,” said Clelland Green, RHU, president of Benepath, Pennsylvania.

While health care reform may offer those in the middle age group some relief in the future, that will be a while coming. What does a middle-aged boomer do these days to find affordable health insurance? “One of the issues is that the person looking for affordable health insurance is older. There is nothing they can do about that, but it means they are in a more expensive premium range, even if they are in relatively good health,” Green said.

It is a medically documented fact that many people over 50 years of age start to develop issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Even if the high blood pressure comes from age alone and not because of lifestyle, the premium ratings are still higher. That means that a boomer has a higher chance of being rated up or declined because of a health condition, and that’s the plain truth – a fact of life.

“There are several products out in the marketplace aimed at middle-aged people that say they are guaranteed acceptance for their health plans. It sounds like the plans are cheap and an ideal solution when needing health insurance. However, these health plans are usually ‘discount plans,’ which means they are not health insurance. Be careful what you buy,” Green said.

There is another product out there for baby boomers that might suit some people, but not others. “The key is to check into anything you are offered and make sure you know what you are and are not getting. For instance, there are some structured benefit plans offering easier acceptance. But the limits are quite low and that devaluates them. Besides, you also have to pay a hefty premium. While they are health insurance plans of a sort, they are not major medical plans, something which you need to know right up front,” Green said.

There are options out there for those needing affordable health insurance in their middle years, it just takes some time to find the right plan. When searching for a viable plan that offers the right kind of coverage, consult with a knowledgeable health insurance agent.

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