Attorney Osborne Examines Bus Driver’s Negligence in Wrongful Death of 9-Year-Old Girl

The school bus driver in this wreck was listening to an iPod. She may also have fell asleep just before the collision.

“It never ceases to amaze me what people do when they are driving vehicles, which can easily kill someone if they are not paying attention to what they are doing. This case that I recently read about involved a school bus crash that took the life of a 9-year-old girl. While the case did not involve talking on a cell phone or the abuse of drugs, it hinged on two other negligent actions: listening to an iPod while driving and falling asleep behind the wheel while entrusted with a bus load of school children,” said Chicago injury lawyer Michael Osborne. The Law Office of Michael Osborne helps accident, wrongful death, and personal injury victims in Chicago, Illinois.

The bus was driving on a highway when it veered sharply on to the shoulder, smashing into a gravel truck parked doing mechanical maintenance. The bus continued on and hit a light pole. The driver did admit to police she was using an iPod and had likely fallen asleep, as she didn’t know what happened. There were 11 children on the 30-passenger vehicle and all of them sustained injuries that required them being taken to hospital by EMS responders.

There was no evidence of emergency brakes being applied or any form of emergency steering being used and the police opted to charge her with careless driving. The driver ultimately paid a fine and had her license suspended for 90 days. The consequences of her actions will haunt the family of the young girl who lost her life because of someone else’s recklessness; a family who may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit in order to find justice for their daughter.

“Cases like this are never easy. The family needs to know what their rights are, how a court case will affect them and what they may expect while waiting for their case to be dealt with. They also need to know what kinds of damages they may ask the court to award and how long their case may take to settle. That is my job, should you come to me with a case similar to this. I am here to answer your questions and would be pleased to discuss your case with you should you call my firm,” Osborne said.

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