Tricky business disputes need finesse or legal assistance to settle

Running a business has its ups and downs. Disputes are bound to arise from time to time.

“In any business, even though the people running it are partners, and perhaps friends, anything can and does happen. While they may agree on the day-to-day running of their venture, they may not agree on the smaller details that make up the larger picture. Most businesses would do well to have mediation and conflict resolution options to help them solve such disputes when they do happen,” said Ty Gomez, a Dallas employment and business lawyer.

Sometimes, a dispute starts with something seemingly innocuous that someone else may take the wrong way. Some of the more common reasons for workplace disagreements involve discrimination – which may come in the guise of age, disability, marital status, race or sex – a difference of opinion over payment or one’s salary, misunderstandings about maternity leave or even an unfair dismissal.

It’s not just internal disputes that an owner has to deal with, as they may also face business-to-business differences of opinions. That’s not too hard to understand, given the nature of the global business community these days. Many B2B relationships are complex entities and involve different cultures, as well. Negotiations can be delicate and one wrong step can bring the whole house of cards tumbling down.

“Generally speaking, disputes that arise on this level are not just personal differences of opinion; they are larger and involve serious issues. In cases like that, the parties usually need either professional mediation or a good business lawyer to sort things out,” Gomez said. Then too, the same may be said of partners getting into a dispute over philosophical differences. These kinds of disputes may come up due to one partner wanting a change in direction the other one isn’t amenable to or they could arise as a result in disagreeing over the hiring procedures for a new manager.

Perhaps the most serious types of disputes tend to involve breach of financial agreements and/or breach of contract. These are severe rifts, as contracts are legally binding and one way or another, they must be adhered to for the good of the participants and the company.

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