Tired floors love marble tiles

For worn out floors, think Clearwater tile installation. It will give a room a new lease on life.

“It doesn’t matter how well you take care of your floors, they will wear out over time just because of the traffic on them. While there’s no real way around that, when you upgrade your flooring, think about marble tile. It’s beautiful, strong and brings the very best out of the room. It’s amazing how much marble tile will do for a room,” said Dean Dupre, who runs Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

For those who want some spice in their life and the advantages of durability in their flooring, the latest trend is to install marble tiles. They’re easier to clean than many other surfaces, are eye-catching and can dress up a room like nobody’s business. For people who want fancy and elegant, Clearwater marble tile installation is a good bet.

“If you’re not into marble tiles, then you might want to think about glass tiles. They’re really different in that they have a fantastic presentation for areas like your shower. They’re also quite a lot of fun if you want to make special designs and get wild and crazy with colors,” Dupre said.

Updating a home is not always as easy as it may sound and often requires some thought about what colors would change the environment and what materials would work best in various locations. For instance, those with animals will not want to gravitate to soft wooden floors. They stain too easily and retain any fluids/liquids deposited on them. A good alternative to wood flooring is granite or marble.

“Here’s something to consider. If you currently have, or are about to get, a granite countertop, then why not get the floor to match? The same thing would hold true for marble as well. It’s really up to you what you choose to do, but for the best looking makeover in a room, matching countertops and floors is very elegant,” Dupre said.

While being adventurous isn’t a bad thing when it comes to trying different things to upgrade the look of a home, try not to mix tiles that need grouting with other materials that don’t. “That is what you might call ‘tacky’ and it would not look right. Sure experimentation is fine, but you have to live with the end results, so you might want to be a touch on the conventional side with a wee bit of flare thrown in to spice things up a bit,” Dupre said.

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