The Self-Employed May Be Able to Buy Into Group Health Insurance

Do you work on a freelance basis? Do you feel like maybe you should take a 9 to 5 job just to have the security of knowing you are covered by health insurance?

With a little digging around, it may be possible to keep that freelance arrangement while finding a membership group in your industry or trade that allows you to purchase health care coverage as part of a group.

Some membership groups, such as those catering to freelance writers, have chapters in Florida and other states. By joining one, you can receive huge savings on your individual premiums. Sometimes the buying power even extends beyond health plans to include dental, vision, life and disability.

Many local chambers of commerce offer group purchasing power to those who work for themselves. Ditto for the National Association for the Self-Employed, a group that has offered support for micro-businesses and the self-employed since 1981. NASE works with more than half a dozen companies in Florida alone who can offer health insurance.

Check, also, with a national association that pertains to your particular career. There may be low-cost options for purchasing into a group health plan.

Finding a membership organization may allow you to keep your freelance lifestyle – where you may enjoy the benefits of working from home in your pajamas – and refrain from joining the 9 to 5 cubicle crowd solely for the sake of your health.

As with any important buying decision, it pays to shop around and ask lots of questions. How high will your deductible and co-payments be? Will you be covered for preventative visits?

Large employers offer group health insurance because it can add a peace of mind for its staff, while helping to attract and retain valuable employees. But if working for yourself is what you prefer, don’t fret. With a little research, you will likely find a way to stay covered via a group plan.

For more information about buying into a group health insurance plan as a freelancer, it may help to contact individual insurance providers for recommendations.

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