Scheming in colored tiles

Everyone loves themes in his or her home. Why not theme scheme in colored tiles?

If you’re thinking about introducing some color into your bathroom or kitchen, or maybe even your sunroom, then why not think about using ceramic tile patterns? They’re vibrant, attractive, appealing and reasonably priced, not to mention you can get them in just about any color you want. That’s more than appealing – it’s the perfect solution to your decorating challenges.

Before you get all fired up and go looking for ceramic tiles, give some thought to what type of look you want. What kind of ambiance do you want to have in the rooms you’ve chosen to perk up? Do you want a Mexican feel? A Moroccan flavor? Perhaps a touch of the American Southwest? You are only limited by your imagination, so the sky is the limit. While you might know the exact finish you want when you’re done, you may still be checking out books, websites and design magazines to get some inspiration.

Looking around is actually a really good idea. You don’t want to rush a design project because you will have to live with the results for a long time. You better make sure you really like what you ultimately choose. For instance, let’s say you want to remodel your bathroom first. Some people prefer a monotone look, while others love wild and adventurous.

With monotone, the whole room is done in one main color, which is OK, but be careful of the colors you use, as a whole room with just monotone tiles runs the risk of reminding people of being in a hospital. Not exactly what you want to achieve. Look to add a dash of vivid color or tiles with texture, and top it off with plants or flowers.

You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly once you get started. You might like the idea of doing a black and white tile design in the bathroom and then use black towels, accented with white face cloths and black and white pictures. You get the idea. Match as much as you can to your tiles to bring out their personality.

On the other hand, if you love vivid and brilliant colors, you might want to think about a feature wall or floor. Sometimes, having a whole room done in colors that talk back to you is a bit much to take. Luckily, working with that creative streak you have is a cinch with today’s mosaic ceramic tile patterns. Go to town and do some experimenting with color. It’s your personal space; have fun.

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