Personal injury responsibilities that others don’t take seriously

Those hurt in an accident are often shocked when the party responsible doesn’t step up to pay for medical bills. They’re too busy trying to cut their losses.

These people should be paying the bills for the victims. After all, the accident was their fault. While it may have been the other person’s fault, many people shrug off the responsibility of the consequences of an accident because of the money involved. In fact, the person or people at fault could even have been uninsured or underinsured, driving without a license or driving while suspended.

“Many people involved in an accident don’t want to get wrapped up in a court case that drags out and costs them money. They need a quick resolution to their claim so they can recover lost wages and/or pay their medical bills. Unfortunately, they can’t accomplish that on their own, as dealing with insurance companies is something best left to competent accident lawyer with experience in handling them,” said Michael Smith, an Arkansas accident lawyer.

Insurance companies are not accident victim’s friends. They are running a business. The bottom line of that business is to save money on accident claims and not pay it out in high amounts, whether the settlement is warranted or not. “If you have a lawyer working with you on your car accident claim, chances are you will get a much higher settlement because they know you are serious about going to court if the claims negotiation process does not work,” Smith said.

Those who think they can handle their own insurance claim often find out later that they signed something that they shouldn’t have – something that gave away their rights to sue. Unfortunately, once a claimant has signed away his or her rights, the insurance case file can’t be re-opened. It’s for this reason that it’s smart for the victim to not sign anything until he or she has spoken to an Arkansas accident lawyer.

“In fact, I’d suggest you bring any papers the insurance company wants you to sign to me. I will go over them and we can discuss precisely what they mean to your claim and how they may affect your rights,” Smith said. For example, a victim may well be entitled to current, past and future lost wages and medical bills for therapy. The claim may also apply to living expenses. Unfortunately, those trying to handle their own claims don’t think about these things and/or don’t know about them, and you can bet the insurance company won’t tell you about them, because they cost money.

“If you have an accident claim, let’s discuss it and see how to best ensure you get a fair settlement without having to deal with any of the runaround typically handed out by insurance companies. While we’re discussing your claim, I will also let you know what your legal rights are,” Smith said.

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