Motorola Cliq might be a gadget extraordinaire

While one of the most intriguing of Android smartphones, if it should break, an independent repair shop is a great place to take it.

The Motorola Cliq is an Android smartphone with a full QWERTY sliding keyboard. Even more important is the keyboard’s association as an incorporated part of MotoBlur – a combination of software and Web services designed to unify all of your communications into a single, user-friendly medium.

The Motorola Cliq may remind you of an iPhone. It has similar round corners with a metallic frame. The “home” button is placed in almost the same spot, in the phone’s lower center. But any comparisons end there.

The Cliq has a true physical keyboard. Apple has not exercised this option onto its iPhone in a move to save space. The Cliq might be thicker, but it feels good and solid, not to mention that it is generally easier, faster and nicer to type on an actual keyboard. If you prefer the virtual keyboard, the Cliq also comes with it.

MotoBlur is one of the most unique parts of the Cliq. What’s not to like about a Web service with a client software on the phone that can help you import contacts from popular e-mail and social networking services, locate your phone on a map, perform a remote wipe to delete all data on your phone in case of corporate espionage and access help and tutorial files from your phone? Depending on your e-mail setup, you may be able to initiate this from your phone. All you have to do is provide a login for all the services you wish MotoBlur to access.

So yes, the Cliq is no clack. But accidents can still happen, and the manufacturers’ warranty won’t last forever.

You might be walking down the street, checking out your friend’s Facebook status updates, minding your own business, and suddenly it happens – someone jealously swats your Cliq right out of your hands and its screen breaks on the pavement. You realize that your warranty just expired yesterday and a new phone is just going to cost too much right now. Your best hope is to take it to an authorized local repair shop. Cliq – clack – Cliq – if you do that, now you’d be clicking.

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