Group health insurance in Florida is different from individual health insurance

Group health insurance in Florida is vastly different from individual health insurance. Consumers need to know the difference.

With group health insurance plans in Florida, the policyholder is more often than not the CEO of a company or the head of an association of some kind. This person offers health insurance coverage to employees or association members. The biggest benefit with group health insurance is that no one may be turned down for coverage, which is unlike individual health insurance. That’s a distinct benefit for workers.

On the other hand, when it comes to opting in to a group health insurance plan, members all get the same coverage and do not get to pick and choose what they want in the policy, like an a la carte menu. For example, members are not given the option to choose a particular co-pay or deductible, and this is because every member in that group has the same insurance.

The most popular part of being involved in a group health insurance plan is the money people save in the long run, as this type of health insurance is less expensive than individual plans. Of course, this is a benefit to the association head or the company boss, but ultimately, it is an enormous benefit for the workers as well.

As for premiums for group health insurance through an association or a company, there are a couple of ways to go on that. Either the employer picks up the full premium of the group plan on its own, or requires that workers pay a portion of the premium. Generally speaking, this is an entirely personal choice that should be based upon what works best in that particular workplace. There is also a requirement of an 18-month continuation of insurance for employees who quit or who are terminated. This law comes under the Florida Health Insurance Continuation Act and is a part of the COBRA laws.

For a company or association looking for information on Florida group heaalth care insurance, the best method to find a reliable source is to use a search engine that sifts through the myriad of different plans available in Florida and narrows things down to a few relevant group plans. Once the choice is narrowed down, the policy details can be compared side by side, and the best policy for the circumstances chosen.

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