CPR Launches Online Stores

With personal computers now ubiquitous in our society, the CPR online store was just a good idea waiting to happen.

Our online stores are here. CPR Cell Phone Repair is proud to announce the most ambitiously omnipresent aspect of its sales and marketing persona. Now you can switch on your personal computer and do more than Google the local zoo, no matter how much you enjoy giraffes, pink flamingos and the occasional odd roaming wildebeest. The day has arrived where CPR Cell Phone Repair is able to offer you the same excellent service found in our retail outlets, but online.

“We knew it would happen someday,” said Ralph, a certified technical support employee in one of CPR’s busy retail shops. “We just knew.”

Ralph grew up as a geek in a remote part of Chicagoland, tinkering to his heart’s content. He’s still tinkering, but now his expertise is available in the ether of cyberspace.

Ralph finds himself almost giddy with the possibilities. “Our online store stocks hundreds of cell phone parts from the most popular manufacturers,” he said. “We also carry name brand covers, chargers, batteries and even the occasional wildebeest-themed cellphone. If it’s cell phone-related, you will find it here.”

Ralph rattled off a few of the menagerie of items available online. “We have in stock, right at this moment, don’t know about a moment from now as they’re going fast – the LG VU CU920 Digitizer touchscreen, a whole bin full of battery covers for the very popular iPhone 3G, a pride of iPhone 4GB & 8GB LCD screens with touchscreen digitizers, a flock of Naztech edge Blackberry bold (9000) rubberized gel skin, and a herd of Blackberry 8300 Series silicone covers and that’s not all,” he said.

Ralph was no doubt referring to a family of smartphones, including cell phones (all phones and PDAs blessed with 6-month extended manufacturer’s warranties), a nifty selection of refurbished and used game systems and games for less, and last but not least, accessories. “Why not accessorize your electronics at CPR, receive our lifetime warranty, and do it with the convenience of being online?” asked Ralph.

Agreed, why not?

To learn more visit:  http://www.chicagocellrepair.com

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