CPR franchises still a great opportunity

According to CPR’s Jeff Gasner, the CPR franchise boom hasn’t peaked yet.

CPR franchises have been selling like cell phones, with more than 10 dozen already sold. “CPR has reached over 120 stores sold as a franchise, and we’re just getting started,” said Jeff Gasner, entrepreneur and CPR co-owner.

Why would someone want to invest in a franchise opportunity? The answers may surprise you, especially while other economic sectors continue to struggle.

“To begin with, CPR has name recognition,” Gasner said. “Our name, which is a registered trademark, is the oldest, most firmly established, widely-known and respected brand name in the cell phone repair industry.”

Nearly everyone owns a cell phone in today’s society, and nearly everyone breaks one at one time or another. The cell phone repair industry is here to stay and there is no better way to tap into this highly lucrative market than with a CPR franchise.

Just as the auto repair industry grew rapidly in proportion to the number of cars being manufactured, the growth rate of cell phones and the cellular repair industry is following the same pattern. The market for cell phone repairs is still in the early growth stages, and it will take many years for the expansion of this market to approach saturation. Owning a CPR franchise is still a ground-floor business opportunity in terms of startup cost and earnings potential.

As a franchisee, according to Gasner, investors can become a member of a real helping profession. “You’ll be able to offer a full range of cellular repair services to your customers with a brand name they’ve come to trust and respect,” Gasner said. “If that’s not helping, I don’t know what is.”

But there’s more. Potential investors won’t have to go it alone. “Best of all, you’ll get the full support of the CPR team – a group that is committed to providing you with the training, equipment and resources you need to make your CPR store a successful, well-established business.

“Recession? What recession? Is there a recession?” asked Gasner, only partly in jest. “When you own a CPR franchise, current economic conditions might even improve your business.”

In addition to “old-fashioned” cell phones, CPR stores specialize in repairing smartphones, iPods, gaming systems, computers, GPS units and a lot more.

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