Back to School Bike Accident has Dorothy Reeling

California Health Insurance agent Matt Lockard did his best to cheer Dorothy up, but she still feels like “she’s in Oz” since crashing her 10-speed into her high school’s cement façade.

The first few days back in school felt like a pleasant dream to Dorothy. Each day that week, she rode her spiffy new 10-speed to her high school in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Her purple bike had been safely tethered to the crowded bike rack each day, the 12-mile freeway ride proving relatively uneventful. She was a junior now, on track in her college prep courses for UCLA, and she was caught up on her homework and having a blast. But on the Friday of that fateful first week, the health insurance plan that her beloved great-grandfather had purchased from California Health Insurance agent Matt Lockard, proved fortuitous. Her great-grandfather, known in the neighborhood as a cowardly lion because of his pacifist views, had served as Dorothy’s guardian since she’d been in 7th grade and her parents had both died of “that rash.”

But on that fateful Friday, she suffered more than scrapes and bruises, more than mere contusions, when she smacked into the side wall of her school’s cement façade. She hadn’t been paying attention, she later admitted. Dorothy was knocked unconscious, but she’d recovered a bit by the time the ambulance came. Still, she was somewhat delirious and kept yelling: “Where art thou, great-grandfather, ye cowardly lion?” as if it were a mantra.

In her hospital room, the surroundings were unfamiliar, surreal, and in a word, strange. Even when her beloved great-grandfather came a calling, and brought along California Health Insurance agent Matt Lockard, she kept referring to that stoic man from Ventura as “the Tin Man,” which was quite unfair as Matt does indeed have a heart, and it beats, yeah, it beats. Finally, he showed that heart, saying to Dorothy, “Your great-grandfather loves you, and besides, everything’s covered and I’ve brought your homework.” All the time, Matt smiled, pleasantly showing his teeth – including several molars of the type never before seen in the mythical land of Oz.

But at the mention of homework, Dorothy snapped out of her trance, sort of. “Thank you, Tin Man,” she said, smiling.

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