The key to avoiding employment disputes is doing it right the first time

In order to avoid disputes at work, it’s best to have proper employment agreements, procedures and policies in place.

Those who have been in business for a fair length of time appreciate the old saying that if something is worth doing, it should be done right to avoid problems later. There is no truer saying in business than this one. It’s typically the best approach to any products and services provided, but also perfect for the staff and management who will have procedures and policies in place to support them. Any time proper procedures and policies are in place, chances are there are far fewer employment disputes.

“Running a business by the seat of your pants isn’t the best way to be successful, so it’s prudent to have relevant employment agreements, procedures and policies in place to act as guidelines. There also needs to be processes in place to follow when managing others. You may very well be the company expert of your products or services, but chances are you aren’t an expert on employment law, etc. For that kind of expertise, you need to consult with a seasoned Dallas business lawyer,” said Ty Gomez, a Dallas employment lawyer and Dallas business lawyer.

It is vital for any business to keep current on what is happening with employment law in the state and to that end, consulting with a lawyer with experience in this area only makes good sense – good financial sense – because if things are not done properly, legally and correctly, employment disputes may cost the company a lot of money.

“Did you know that as an employer, you are mandated to have a written agreement with all your workers? Yes, you can find employment agreements online, but they’re completely useless. Generally speaking, they don’t fit your situation and if you try to alter it, chances are you’ll get it wrong, which will mean legal problems later,” Gomez said. Typically, the agreement needs to outline the rights and obligations of the parties and the nature of the working relationship, hours of work and rate of pay.

There are a number of other things that need to be in an agreement, and missing any one of them can cause a whole world of hurt later, particularly if this is a management-level or higher position. Things are different for other employees in Texas, and one of the first questions to ask an experienced Dallas business and employment lawyer is: “How do Texas employment laws affect me?” The answer may vary depending on the position you currently hold or are about to assume.

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