Mommy Spacek Goes Back to School

Lizzie Spacek was 64 years old, but was determined to earn her GED. That said, she learned that being a pedestrian in the city was fraught with danger – just like Matt Lockard, her California Health Insurance agent, had duly warned her.

Mommy’s intentions had been good. She was walking into the city to her old high school, North South High, and felt all the enthusiasm of any crazed student. The left onto Highborn Street left her so excited, especially as she successfully dodged traffic. She opened the door to the high school, and what happened next seemed like slow motion. A bell rang. Mommy got trampled by the pitter-patter of younger feet, lots of them. She’d been smacked to the floor of the main hall next to the principal’s office, and it seemed nobody noticed, even though she’d screamed. When the crowd had finally sifted, she spotted a sign that said “GED Students,” and felt her eagerness try to return. But getting up was another story. Lizzie felt a sharp pain as she gazed at the long corridor, now emptied. What was it? Her tailbone hurt. Since the huge high school now seemed relatively silent, she screamed again.

Lizzie Spacek thought back to a conversation she’d had just last week with her California Health Insurance agent, that pleasant and goateed Matt Lockard. “You’ll be glad that you bought coverage,” he’d warned. She’d hardly been paying attention because she’d been so eager to finish high school after all these years. Her mind compass was pointing North South. But Matt turned out to be right. High schools can be dangerous places for a 64-year-old, yes indeed. Pedestrians can be so cruel when they’re young.

Finally somebody came. It was the assistant principal. “Why aren’t you in class, young lady?” he said. But when he looked again, he could see that she was older, like a student’s grandmother. “Are you okay? He asked, still sounding condescending.

“What do you think?” Lizzie shrieked. And then, in tears, “I’m GED.” But all she could do on that day was point at the sign.

An ER visit later, it turned out her tailbone was merely bruised. It still would have cost money, but Lizzie was covered, thanks to Matt. She called Matt at his Ventura office just to thank him.

“When are you going back to school?” he asked.

“Tomorrow evening instead of during the regular school day,” she said. “Would you like to be my escort?”

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