If you’re self employed, group health insurance may be the best price option for you

Everyone wants to keep health insurance costs down. If you’re self employed, that’s possible due to group health insurance.

You might be shaking your head right about now and wondering how you can get group insurance if you are self-employed. Fair enough question, because in most cases, you would need individual health insurance. However, if you want to save money on health insurance costs – and who doesn’t these days – you can form a group of like-minded people in the same business and set up a group health insurance plan. It’s brilliant and it works.

Failing the ability to set up a group health insurance plan, you will need to opt for individual health insurance; insurance that covers you for doctor’s visits and stays in the hospital, etc. If you need affordable health insurance, there are several things you need to know before you go looking for a policy. Most often, your premiums will depend on previous health conditions and your age.

Age and health are not something you can change, and it’s best to be upfront about them, because if you get a policy based on incorrect information, the truth will come out later when you try to submit a claim. You may have your policy revoked. Is it worth it? The answer is no, it’s not worth lying to get health insurance coverage that you would have gotten anyway by paying just a bit extra for pre-existing conditions.

But, you don’t want to pay too much for health insurance. Actually, you can never pay enough for health insurance, because if you don’t have your health and need extensive medical care and you have no insurance, what you have is medical bankruptcy. Trying to save money by not buying health insurance usually ends up with the person who thought they could save money trying to find enough cash to pay an enormous medical bill for an unexpected injury or illness. Life happens, are you ready for it?

Take some time to compare quotes that you get, but don’t ultimately select a health insurance quote solely based on price. What? Why not? Choosing health insurance plans by just choosing the cheapest may mean you get a policy that doesn’t do you any good or cover what you need covered. If you do that, you’re wasting the money that you could save for a better health insurance policy that actually meets your needs.

So, while finding affordable health insurance is entirely possible, you have to make sure that the “affordable” part does not mean that it’s inexpensive but doesn’t cover anything you need. Always ask you local health insurance agent for help in choosing the right policy. The advice is free and you may disregard it if you choose. However, the suggestions an experienced agent gives you are often spot on. If you want to save money in the long run for good health insurance that’s got your back, take the free advice. It’s priceless.

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