First Day Jitters

The first day of high school can be very scary indeed. Even more so when, not only is it your first day, but you are also the new kid in school. It also helps when a California Health Insurance agent has you covered.

After his 8th grade school year and its tagalong summer vacation, Justin and his family moved to California from Ohio. The move was bewildering to Justin, especially since he hadn’t had time to make any new friends yet.

As the big day at his California school arrived, Justin was both excited and anxious. What would the kids at his new school be like? He could hardly sleep the night before. “Justin, it’s time to get up!” his mom yelled. He still felt tired. “I’m up, mom,” he yelled back. This tricked her once, and then worked twice more before his snarling mom dragged him out of bed.

Still groggy, he managed to find his mouth to stuff his breakfast in, but a teenager doesn’t have to be conscious to do that. The bus stop beckoned.

When he got there, he was the only kid standing. Bewildered, he waited. “Where’s the bus?” Justin thought out loud. He decided to just go back home and ask his mom for a ride.

Justin was crossing the street to get to his house when he noticed a ten-dollar bill laying in the middle of the street. As he stopped to pick it up, a car came along much too fast. The driver, a man with huge pimples all over his face, slammed on his brakes and swerved, but still clipped the 14-year-old who was still clasping the ten dollar bill. Justin’s mom saw the accident and came running out.

At the hospital, doctors discovered no major injuries, except for a fractured pinky. “We’re lucky we saw the California Health Insurance agent last week,” Justin’s mom said, while looking at her son as he sat on a hospital bed. “How’s that pinky?” “It hurts, mommy,” he said. She glared at him. “You’re not a baby anymore. Stop your whining. If you’d gotten enough sleep, this accident never would have happened. Besides, you’re getting out in a half hour and I’m sending you to school tomorrow.” Justin knew he wasn’t likely to sleep better with the knowledge that his first day at his new school would now be everyone else’s second.

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