Diesel leak contaminates local water in North Coventry, Pennsylvania

Every day there are stories in the media about contaminated water. We’re our worst enemies for keeping water clean, proof positive that we need water distillers.

This story hit the media when it was discovered that a local gas station in North Coventry, Penn. had a leaking diesel tank that was trickling diesel into a shared well. When the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) got into the act, the gas station was ordered to shut down until further notice and completely empty their three tanks.

It seems that the diesel had made its way into a stormwater basin before anyone really knew what was occuring. The DEP spokesperson said they were working with the station to trace the source of the leak, but that the station owner for some reason had sent in an incomplete report the month prior. Naturally, that made things even harder to track, because the details of their fuel sales versus fuel left on hand were not accurate.

The contaminated water was actually reported by a business across the road from the station. The store’s owner called the DEP to let them know they could smell diesel when they turned on their water, and that an employee had tried to take a drink of water and it burned her mouth.

At this point, one of the questions that could have been asked was whether or not the homes and businesses in the area were aware that water distillers would have provided them with a safe source of clean, fresh water? Furthermore, were they aware that they could also protect their homes and businesses from contaminated water by having water distillation systems installed?

This incident only became a story because someone could actually smell and taste the diesel. Who would have known about this if it had been something else in the water that had no smell or taste – like a large number of toxic materials? The frightening answer is that people would have been aware of it until they got sick, and even then, would they have associated their illness with the water?

This makes it even more vital for people to do research into water distillers and find out for themselves how safe and effective they are in the home, how they provide fresh, clean and safe water on demand – water you can trust and not wonder about. If you want complete security when it comes to your water, install water distillation systems in your home and office space.

Larry Wardell is with H2olabs.com, a provider of water distiller systems and water distillation systems that provide truly pure distilled water. To learn more, visit H2olabs.com.

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