Contaminated well taken out of service for E. coli

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. All across America, tap water is being contaminated.

It’s honestly not safe to turn on your tap these days and take a drink right out of the faucet. At least, it’s not safe if you want to be sure you are drinking fresh and clean, uncontaminated water. Most of the water on tap in our homes today is not what it looks like. It may look OK, even smell OK, but chances are it is not OK. Many of the organisms hitching a ride in the water can’t be seen or smelled, but they can give you health problems if you drink them.

Take the case of Clinton, N.J. and their local water department, who just recently said it was OK for the town to start drinking their tap water without boiling it. It would have been safer and much healthier if the town residents had just invested in water distillers or water distillation systems for their homes. It would have saved the guesswork over whether the water was OK to drink or not. If you assume it’s not safe to drink, you’ll come out ahead by using water distillers.

Even though the residents were hit with a “boil water advisory” that lasted for about a week, they still can’t be sure what the cause of their contamination problem really was, since the town is having trouble tracking it down. Apparently, one of their wells produced an untreated water sample that tested positive for E. coli. The town took further samples, and when they also came back positive for the same bacteria, they took that well out of service.

Town officials said that the water samples were “untreated” water and that the E. coli was “not in the treated water supply.” That may be the case, but when you’re relying on someone else to treat your water before you drink it and it was “untreated and contaminated” before it was treated, you’ve got to wonder whether their assessment of what is safe and what isn’t is accurate. Who really wants to take the chance that they are drinking water laced with E. coli? This is one major reason to use water distillers or, alternatively, install water distillation systems in your home. It guarantees water as safe and fresh as Mother Nature intended it to be.

Fortunately, in this particular case, the residents of the town were notified promptly that there was a problem and they did a good job of getting the word out. The town said residents should boil all tap water for one minute, which would “kill the E. coli and other organisms in the water.”

That phrase bears investigation – kill other organisms in the water. The town is fully aware that the tap water does have other organisms in it. This isn’t something that many people would be very happy with if they understood what the other organisms might be. This gives all the more reason to use water distillers. If it’s safety you want when it comes to drinking water, water distillation systems are the answer. There’s no second guessing if the water on tap is safe or not.

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