Contaminated water advisories to be issued in Spanish

Bad water in any language is something everyone needs to know about. One town in California is now issuing water advisories in Spanish.

The residents of Thermal, Cali. have been having some major problems with their water systems, which are contaminated with arsenic. The town is trying to involve local residents in the cleanup process to figure out the best way to improve the water system. It is vital to modern life to have clean, fresh and safe water. Water with arsenic won’t cut it. One readily available solution for many of the residents in this locale is to use water distillers or, alternatively, consider water distillation systems for their homes and businesses.

Community members know that they need to take swift action in the face of reports that thousands live in areas potentially contaminated by naturally occurring arsenic in the groundwater. An interesting question here would be why the town chose to build in those areas in the first place. If the residents and community fathers were aware of the value of water distillers, it could go a long way in solving their immediate problem while they work towards other long-term solutions.

Right now, the state is making provisions to pass several bills that would help people living in the area by requiring that mobile home park owners must install point-of-use arsenic filters. They are also planning to have water advisories prepared in Spanish so local residents understand the problem.

If residents are working towards a common goal of having safe water and an integrated water system for everyone, they might want to make water distiller information available to area residents in English and Spanish. Since safe water is the main problem, they might want to know that water distillers and home water distillation systems provide the cleanest, freshest and safest water possible, on demand. There is no need to rely on tap water. In fact, with the water contaminated with arsenic, the idea of using tap water for anything would be highly repugnant, not to mention dangerous.

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