Buying family health insurance means understanding what is needed first

To buy family health insurance these days, its best to understand what the family needs. Those needs may be known and unknown.

“While trying to know the known and the unknown might seem to be somewhat confusing, it really only means that what you do know is the health condition and the needs of your family, right now – today,” said Clelland Green, RHU, president of Benepath, Pennsylvania. “You don’t have a crystal ball that tells you what will happen tomorrow or even later in life. If you have kids, you may wish for that ball frequently, especially when they get into accidents and need medical care.”

Let’s say the known factors are that the kids are young and they have a super pediatrician that they know, like and want to keep seeing. Do you plan to have more children? Does someone have a serious medical issue? “That’s good to start with, but, what about the unknown things in your life, such as if someone in your family got into an accident. How much could you pay to cover the bills?” Green asked. “Also, what if someone in the family developed a serious medical issue, how much could you pay out of pocket? The answers to these questions will usually help you to choose the right family health insurance plan.”

Stuck for finding quotes for family health insurance? It’s actually not as hard as it used to be to find comprehensive health insurance quotes. These days, people may get them online or by calling a health insurance company directly. An added bonus with the advent of Web 2.0 is that there are more insurance companies offering instant quotes based on whatever criteria the consumer plugs into the online form.

“In order to get a viable quote, use the same information on all websites you visit. Then, make a list of the details of life, like age, sex, whether you smoke or not, whether you are a college student or not and your medical history. Make sure you’re truthful about the medical history, because if you aren’t, this will come back and bite you later,” Green said. Try the various search parameters while online and search by company, prescription plans, co-insurance, deductibles and monthly premiums or by company. The world of health insurance is an oyster waiting to be selected.

“To really nail down your family health insurance needs, speak directly to a health insurance agent who knows his carriers, knows his plans and knows you need to work within a budget. They’re experts at what they do; a benefit to you and your family when it comes to getting the right kind of family health insurance,” Green said.

To learn more, visit Benepath.

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