Sewage Spill Just the Tip of the Water Contamination Problem

Recently, swimming in Biscayne Bay was not a great idea. The bay has been deluged with 20 million gallons of sewage.

It appears the local water authority and health department attempted to warn those who were on the beach and swimming to not go in the water. They said they posted signs, spoke to lifeguards and gave a heads up to local park officials. The people who got sick after swimming in the water aren’t impressed and say the warnings were not enough.

One person, who took ill after being in the water and inadvertently swallowing it, was extremely ill for at least three days. His business partner stated to local media that if people “had” known about the sewage spill, there would have been no one out in the water. Despite what the residents of the area said, the officials insisted they’d issued an advisory to not swim or do any other recreational activities in the bay from Oleta River State Park to Bal Harbor and Haulover Park. For whatever reasons, the word did not get to where it needed to be.

Amidst all the quarreling over who did and didn’t do what, the underlying issue here is contaminated water, and the fact that even in America the inconceivable may happen when we least expect it. While this incident involved water people swam in, you can bet that part of that water system was diverted for use as drinking water. The thought of that would not start off anyone’s day with a bang. It makes you want to find out more about a safer alternative to tap water – water distillation systems and water distillers.

It seems that a 72-inch line ruptured and spewed sewage for over 12 hours before the city got it under control by shutting off the valve and rerouting the flow. You’d think with over 20 million gallons of sewage in the water, the parks would post a red flag to warn off swimmers. It appears they posted a medium hazard flag instead because the health department didn’t indicate the water was unsafe to enter. One may wonder what happened to common sense in this instance.

The bottom line here is a very real concern about the sewage being mixed with water used for drinking. Whether it was mixed with ocean water or not and diluted, the fact is that 20 million gallons of sewage was let loose on unsuspecting people. Does anyone know for sure where that water will wind up? Does anyone know for sure what will come out of a tap sometime later?

The answer to both those questions would be “No,” no one does know for sure where the contaminated water will eventually wind up. For those who are worried about what is in their tap water, and rightfully so, they might want to do research on the safest alternative – water distillation systems and water distillers.

Incidents like this simply serve to point out that we never really know for sure what comes out of our taps. Given that uncertainty, it only makes sense to invest in water distillation systems and use water distillers because it’s the safest and freshest alternative to questionable tap water. Distilled water provides Mother Nature fresh water that is safe for your family.

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