New Water Treatment System Gets Hype

Untreated water from public wells that 105 million Americans use is contaminated. That is not good news.

Just when you think it’s safe (dare you hope?) to drink the water out of the tap, you read something in the local newspaper that makes you wish you had water distillers at home, or had installed a water distillation system. Did you know that high nitrate levels in our drinking water are a threat to our health?

This is a good and bad news scenario. On one hand the water is the pits and we need to be worried about what we are drinking and how it affects us, but on the other hand, a company called Nitron Ltd., say they have a new water technology that will reduce nitrate contamination. Chances are that while it may be a valid idea and technology, it may not hold a candle to one of the easiest and safest systems going – water distillers.

With just about 52% of the community water wells in the US and close to 57% of domestic water wells being contaminated by nitrates, we have a serious problem with ground water quality. Nitron, based in Israel, has a new technology designed to whisk away nitrates and turn the treated water into safe water. Using a process they call selective electro dialysis (SED), which uses an electrical process to separate nitrates from the water and concentrate it in separate cells, this company hopes to take the drinking water market by storm.

This particular technology has been used in many Israeli towns and cities; municipalities that boast of saving 50% of their previous water costs. Will this technology catch on in the US? Hard to say, but it seems unnecessary to consider a somewhat complex system of purifying water when water distillers (which are really easy to use) can give you what you want in a short period of time.

Water distillers don’t use any types of chemicals. They are right there when you need them. They are easy to use and give you fresh and safe water on demand. It’s a no hassle way to get the freshest water you want. On the other hand, this new SED technology does use chemicals to prevent precipitation into the concentrate stream. They say it’s safe; only time will verify that. You may access the system remotely – which would only work if you have power. They say it is cost effective and energy efficient. Check out water distillers if you want cost effective efficiency. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, not to mention have fresh drinking water that tastes great.

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