If People Really Knew What Was in Their Water

Seriously, if people honestly knew what was in their water, they’d have water distillers in their homes immediately.

Sure the town or city where you live will tell you the water you are drinking is safe within certain parameters. Sure it’s safe to drink over a long period of time and sure it’s treated at the local filtration plant so it must be ok. Sounds safe, but is it? Generally speaking, the answer is no, it’s not all that safe to drink over a long period of time. As toxins accumulate in your body, your body reacts by getting sick. If you really want to drink water in complete confidence, then use water distillers or install a water distillation system.

Even if you think your water is ok to drink, you might want to take the time to have it checked for contaminants. If it comes back ok, then you’re good to go – for now. This isn’t to say that over time the quality of your water won’t change. The fact is that municipal water filtration plants just can’t do a completely adequate job of filtering out the bad stuff before it gets to your tap. This is just one of the many reasons why using water distillers or having a water distillation system would mean guaranteed fresh and safe water.

If you have been swamped this year because you’ve had heavy rains in your area, join the large crowd of Americans who are battling to clean up their basements, salvage their homes and find clean and safe drinking water. During the violent storms we have witnessed lately, sewage systems have a tendency to overflow.

If your house does not have a water distillation system or you don’t use a water distiller, the water left behind after a storm may be contaminated with human and animal waste. This isn’t something you want to be drinking, not when it may contain E coli and other very dangerous bacteria.

Why does the sewer infrastructure of where you live break down like that? That’s an easy question to answer. Look to the budget. Over time many cities have just not taken the time to update their aging infrastructure. The net result? Outdated water and sewer systems that can’t keep up with the demands being place on them. That means if sewage leaks out it leaches into the groundwater supply. You get the picture.

If you want to be safe and secure in the knowledge that what you are drinking is fresh and safe, then invest in water distillers or have a water distillation system installed in your home. Peace of mind is well worth the price to take care of your water.

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