Group Health Florida Encourages Employers to Consider Purchasing Group Life Insurance

Providing group life insurance to employees is a good incentive that will attract and retain high quality candidates. With a small investment, employers can offer their employees peace of mind and make their company benefits package more appealing.

For many people, securing life insurance can be a long and complicated process. Those that apply for policies are often faced with mountains of paperwork and come to fear the prospect of failing the physical exam and having to pay exorbitant premiums. Because of the difficulties individuals often face when applying for life insurance policies, employer provided group life insurance can be an attractive offer for current and potential employees. The peace of mind of knowing that dependents will be provided for in the event of an early death is one of the simplest but most highly valued benefits available to employees.

Group life insurance premiums are generally considerably lower than premiums for individual life insurance policies. This is mainly due to the fact that group life insurance is much less of a risk for the insurance company, as insurance companies base group life premiums on the overall risk of the company or on the group of employees. With a group life insurance policy, the insurance company does not perform medical underwriting on an individual basis, as it usually does with individual policies. Instead, employers may be asked a series of simple medical questions about the characteristics of the group as a whole (e.g., size, stability, and group makeup) and this information will be used to determine the group’s eligibility.

For most companies, the risk factor of obtaining life insurance for employees is low because everyone in a company is not likely to die at once. In fact, due to employee turnover rates, the chance that anyone will die while working at the employer’s company is relatively small. Employers can give employees extra peace of mind with little cost. Because group life insurance is typically bundled with group health insurance, the insurance company’s sales and administrative costs are minimal. With such low administrative costs, the savings can be passed on to the consumer.

When an employer offers his or her employees group life insurance, it is very important that the employer makes his or her employees aware that group life insurance is not intended to replace their individual life insurance policies. Group plans should be considered as supplemental policies and typically provide coverage from $10,000 to one year of salary of the insured’s policy. A year’s salary will not be a sufficient amount to support the employee’s survivors or dependents on occasion of the employee’s death.

When searching for group health insurance policies, employers should consider adding group life insurance. Offering life insurance can be a cost-effective method of attracting and retaining quality employees.

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