FLInsurance.com Urges Homeowners to Add Identity Theft Protection to Their Policies

Identity theft can destroy a person’s life. Adding identity theft protection as an endorsement to an existing homeowners policy can offer consumers security and peace of mind.

Each year millions of Americans learn the hard way how easy it is for someone to steal their identity. With as little information as your name, Social Security Number and date of birth, a thief can use this information to apply for any number of things, from a credit card to a driver’s license. Rightly, identity theft can cause a great amount of stress for the victim. Getting one’s life back on track after such an event is not only difficult, but also time-consuming and expensive.

Fortunately, there is an easy and cost effective way for families to prevent this theft from happening. A number of homeowners insurance companies cover identity theft as a part of their insurance policy, either as a separate policy or as an endorsement to an existing policy. In fact, many insurance companies have an existing identity theft clause in their insurance policies, and this protection comes at no additional cost to the consumer. With most policies, identity theft coverage provides the victim reimbursement for expenses lost during the process, including phone bills, lost wages, mailing costs, and even pre-approved legal fees. Sometimes, fraud specialists are provided to guide the victim through the exhaustive and difficult process of restoring his or her identity.

Anyone with a bank account, credit card, driver’s license or social security card is at risk for identity theft. Homeowners with an existing policy should speak with their agent to determine what their basic policy covers and to discuss the benefits of adding identity theft protection as an endorsement. Homeowners seeking new policies should shop around for the best identity theft insurance policy, as rates and protection levels can vary from company to company. In addition, consumers should check their credit cards to see what coverage they might offer in the event of identity theft. Knowing what coverage is already available will better enable consumers to purchase an endorsement policy that is right for them.

Adding identity theft insurance is a small investment that will go a long way toward securing a family’s peace of mind.

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