Control Your Life and Your Insurance

Life insurance premiums are often affected by a person’s lifestyle choices. By making the right lifestyle choices, you can take control of your life and keep your insurance premiums low.

There are a great number of health aspects that can affect your ability to qualify for term life insurance, and these same aspects can have a profound effect on your rates. If you do not have a clear understanding of how these aspects of health can affect your life insurance premium, you may have a hard time figuring out why your rates may be higher than comparable policies for healthier people. It is important to understand how alcohol, smoking and weight can all affect term insurance and how they affect premium rates.

Alcohol consumption can have an effect on your insurance premiums. While many people may think it is impossible for an insurance company to judge their alcohol consumption, they have several ways to assess an individual’s relationship with alcohol other than by reviewing the health questionnaire. As many companies require a physical, they will use the information gathered during the process to assess your alcohol consumption. Another way that insurance companies look for unhealthy levels of alcohol consumption is through the individual’s driving record. If you have any alcohol related incidents on your record, most life insurance companies will see you as an elevated risk and will most likely adjust your premium for a policy as needed to reflect that liability.

Smoking habits can also have a great effect on your insurance premiums. To accurately assess your smoking habits, the insurance company will likely require a questionnaire as well as a physical exam. The medical evaluation will be the easiest way for companies to uncover your smoking habits, as smoking leaves behind numerous chemicals in your body. During the physical, companies look specifically for these chemicals and will use this information to determine how much of a risk you are.

Being overweight or underweight may cause you to see some form of increase in your life insurance premiums. Term life insurance premiums are affected by weight because of the health-related ramifications. If you are underweight or overweight, then you are potentially putting yourself into a health risk situation. The amount of deaths caused by obesity is rising and life insurance companies do not want to take risks on those who are obese. Maintaining a healthy weight can help keep your rates down, but straying too far away from that healthy size can cost you a lot.

By controlling these lifestyle habits that pose a risk to insurance companies, you can help control the amount you will pay for life insurance. You should consult an expert life insurance broker who can offer you advice on how to get the lowest premiums.

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