California Health Insurance Agent Does His Utmost to Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day

Matt Lockard tried to make his Ventura office a place of cookies and milk on August 4th – to no avail.

He knew what day it was going to be on the morrow. Since boyhood, he’d eaten chocolate chip cookies of every variety, according to their kind – according to their chip. He liked them with milk as far as cookies went, he wasn’t that much into sweets, but tomorrow was an extraordinary holiday celebrated with panache that was definitely not Christmas, or even Halloween. What kind of milk would he serve for his clients as they made their appearances on that festive day? Last year he’d attempted goat’s milk, but it had strangely curdled before its time. He liked almond milk with cookies, or even coconut milk, but would never skimp by going skim. He’d be prepared on this 4th of August – a true feast day precisely a month beyond the anniversary of our nation’s birth.

Matt laid out the platters of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, a Tollhouse variety that his daughter had lovingly baked, and she was going to come by the health insurance office around lunch time to see how things were going. This year Matt’s clients would understand, and grasp the holiday’s significance, without pigging out on the cookies.

When the first client appeared, a 74-year-old intent on Medigap coverage, it began. “Bet you can’t eat just one …” Matt hinted, nearly pleading. She couldn’t. Thirty-four cookies dwindled to twenty-six before she was gone just eight minutes later.

The cookies have to last all day this year, Matt mused, but such a well-intentioned hope was a pipedream.

By twelve minutes past ten in the morning, every last cookie was gone.

Around noon, Matt’s dutiful daughter came by, already a teenager with great intentions, hopes, and dreams, she was naïve, Matt thought, can’t she tell that the cookies have all been eaten, that National Chocolate Chip Day and California Health Insurance clients were unfortunately incompatible, all those prudent souls guided by that most basic of human impulses, an instinct popularly referred to as a “sweet tooth”? These scavengers had devoured all – leaving not even a crumb. What did this mean? It could mean only that Matt would try to celebrate the elusive August festive day again next year, for once to get the cookies to last through the precious day.

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