Broken iPads Becoming Common

It’s nice to know that if you break your iPad, an independent repair shop can fix it.

Before they’d been off the shelves for an entire day, reports of iPads being damaged by consumers started to pour in. “I’m not sure what it is. Are people just being careless or are they real klutzes that should have ‘I’m stupid’ branded as painfully as possible into their foreheads?” said iPad chief pundit Kid L. Vicious. Vicious reported that most of the damaged iPads had been dropped, some from great heights. “One was dropped from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon by a consumer who was moonlighting as a tourist,” Vicious explained, “People who climb around precipices while holding an iPad just sicken me,” he said, in his characteristic raspy voice well-known to residents of Bayonne, New Jersey, where Vicious was born and raised. “Right behind one of the big oil tanks,” he remembers fondly, “We used to play in our kid street gangs on top of the things and hope one of us wasn’t pushed off.”

Typically when an iPad is dropped, the glass digitizer panel gets cracked. “Some of these consumers are so stupid they can get cut with the broken glass shards,” Vicious explains, “One guy I know got his cornea scratched that way, and he was howling in pain. It was sort of funny.”

The lack of human decency and compassion displayed by Kid L. Vicious notwithstanding, reports of dropped iPads are increasing. Other common repair problems occurring with the iPads involve the port at the bottom. Some consumers have reported issues when plugging their iPads into a computer application such as Windows 7, getting messages such as “device wasn’t recognized” or were simply unable to connect their iPads to a computer. Some consumers were unable to get their iPads charged. They’d plug it into a socket and nothing would happen.

Although Kid L. Vicious would probably recommend something less helpful or even something unprintable, a more prudent course of action is simply to go to your nearest independent repair shop – but please remember to take your broken iPad with you. If you don’t bring it, it can’t be repaired. At the independent repair shop, a certified service technician will be eager to help.

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