Bridging the Gap with Group Coverage

Sometimes, an individual life insurance policy doesn’t offer enough coverage to make you feel secure about your family’s future. Obtaining supplemental group life insurance coverage may be the best way for you to achieve peace of mind and secure your family’s future.

Individuals take out life insurance policies because they want to ensure that their families are protected even after their death. While most life insurance is secured with this good intention, sometimes the coverage in a single life insurance policy is not sufficient to meet all the needs of a family, especially when there are a large number of dependents and the financial commitments are high.

Fortunately, there are a number of options available to families that will increase their life insurance amounts. One of the most popular ways to get such insurance is through an employer. Most employers who offer their employees a benefits package will provide a basic amount of life insurance to all of their employees. This coverage is almost always guarantee issue that does not require any medical information. The employer may decide on a flat amount for all employees and may offer an amount that is equal to one times the employee’s yearly salary. While most employer-provided group life insurance does not cover more than one year’s salary, some policies may allow you to multiply that coverage at your own cost. You could, for example, choose to purchase additional life insurance that is three or four times your yearly salary. By obtaining the supplemental group life insurance your employer offers, you can provide extra financial security to your family.

The great benefit of securing supplemental coverage through a group life insurance policy is that you are likely to pay a lot less in premiums for the policy than you would if you purchased an additional individual life insurance policy or increased your coverage on an existing one. The premiums are substantially lower because the life insurance company is writing a single policy for a large group of people.

It is important to remember that group life insurance is not meant to provide for your family on its own. It is meant to supplement life insurance policies you already have. A group plan is simply a great way to supplement any individual policies you may have separate from your employer. If your employer gives you the opportunity to increase your group life insurance amount, you’ll want to carefully consider the cost as well as what coverage you already have before making a final choice.

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