The iPhone4 Will Be the Best Smart Phone Yet But …

The iPhone4 will be the best smart phone yet, but what if it breaks? Your best option will be taking it to your nearest independent repair shop.

It will seemingly be able to do it all. It will be able to record in high-definition video at 720 pixels for 30 frames per second. It will come standard with a front-facing camera that will be a “must-have” for video chats, especially considering the recently upgraded Skype app along with Apple’s new Face Time feature, even though it won’t be until December at the earliest when Face Time will function between two iPhone4’s and even then only over Wi-Fi. In addition to the front-facing camera, the iPhone4 will come standard with a 5-megapixel camera on the back – complete with a LED flash. Images will be able to be focused by tap, while photos and videos will be geotagged, in other words, digital data arriving with the image will include the location of where the image or video was taken. They’ll also be an iMovie app for the phone — a mobile editing tool which will be just the thing for aspiring filmmakers, even kids quick on the uptake.

It will be Apple’s newest smartphone, Steve Job’s iPhone4 that will set up with almost anything. In fact, the one feature that wasn’t included was a deal with a new wireless carrier. The deal wasn’t landed because there are already dozens of Android phones already out. That said, the new iPhone4 will be engineered with aluminosilicate glass, the same stuff used in high speed trains and helicopters, designed to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times stronger than plastic. So this new iPhone will have incredible curb appeal, right? With a diameter of just 0.47 inches it will also be thinner than any smart phone already on the market, and that means, breakable. Who will fix it if your iPhone4 should break? Your friendly geeks at your nearest independent repair shop will know exactly what to do. They aren’t certified service technicians for their looks, at least not usually. (Ladies, a guy’s handsomeness is subjective, especially when they are very smart, and can fix your smart phone.)

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