Group Health Florida Offers Advice on Securing Affordable Group Health Insurance Premiums

Offering health insurance to employees is a great way to attract quality candidates and to boost employee retention. If small or large business owners are interested in trying to save on the premiums they’re going to pay for employees, there are several things they can do to control costs.

One of the most important things for employers is to make sure they have properly considered all options before selecting an insurance plan for employees. If an employer is looking to provide insurance for its employees, it will be important to seek quotations from more than one insurance company. Also, employers should be certain to consider each plan the companies have to offer. In order to find the best price, employers will need to focus on getting quotes from multiple insurance companies and then evaluating the various types of health insurance plans offered within each of these companies.

Another way that business owners can help to control the cost of providing group health care insurance is by shifting some of those costs to employees. One of the most common ways to share these costs is by increasing the employee’s out-of-pocket costs by choosing higher deductibles, copayments and coinsurance. Another more direct method of sharing the cost of insurance with employees involves sharing in the cost of the monthly health care premiums. In choosing this option, both the employer and the employees would be sharing the cost of the insurance premiums.

In addition, there may be several income tax incentives or benefits one can derive as a business owner when he or she chooses to provide health insurance to employees. Premiums paid are usually considered a business expense and are fully deductible under federal income taxes. Under the new healthcare law, small business will receive 35 percent tax credit on the premiums they pay for their employees’ health coverage. Businesses, including non-profit organizations, will be eligible for the tax credit if they have fewer than 25 full-time employees, pay an average salary of $50,000 or less per year, and cover at least 50 percent of their workers’ health costs.

By offering employees health care, an employer can help build the company’s reputation and attract quality employees who are more likely to stay in their positions for longer periods of time.

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