Finally, a New Well in Sight

It’s been a long time coming. La Bahia is getting a new well.

The residents in this small town that’s officially 261 years old have had a long running battle with local authorities over the quality of their water. Why? Because for many years they have had problems with contaminated water wells that have tested positive for fecal coliform bacteria. Not a nice thing to find out about the water you have been drinking under the assumption that it was fine.

The residents might want to know that to solve this problem; they could make use of water distillers and water purification systems, as distilled water is the cleanest, freshest and safest water to drink.
No one seems to know where the human waste material is coming from and the problem has caused many people to consider other alternatives to fresh, safe drinking water – such as water distillation and home water distillation systems.

Thanks to the US Department of Agriculture and a grant for $1.5 million, the town of 125 homes and businesses will be getting a new well. The news has created a lot of excitement in town and most folks can’t wait until the day the new water starts to flow in their taps.

According to the specs for the new well, it will be 500 feet deep and in an open area where there are no homes. This should take care of the coliform problem by drawing water for the Gulf Coast aquifer. The plan is that the new well will be on first come, first serve basis.

Put another way, the grant covers the 125 area residential homes and businesses and they come first. Those who come later and want access will need to speak to the town about setting that up because they will need to pay for installation and a meter. Those who come later may also want to think about using water distillers, as tap water, no matter how well people insist it is filtered, can never be guaranteed to be safe to drink.

Looks like the town will have to wait until Christmas for the new well to come online – but – what a great Christmas gift that will be.

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