Ask the Right Questions When Looking for Health Insurance Quotes

Health insurance quotes are crucial to help you choose an insurance plan that works for you.
Health insurance quotes, while helpful to assist you in choosing the right health insurance plan, are really the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole lot more you need to know and should be asking when it comes to buying a health insurance plan than just how much it costs. This applies for individual health insurance and when buying family health insurance.

You need to start out by telling a health insurance broker what you need for a health insurance plan. Once you have seen at least three different options, and know what they each offer you, then you can compare prices. Unfortunately, a large number of people just take the agent’s suggestion at face value without comparing costs. There isn’t anything wrong with an agent making a suggestion for your policy needs, but ultimately, they don’t know “you” they same way “you” know “you.” This could result in you getting a policy that is cheap, but doesn’t cover what you really need.

When buying an affordable health insurance plan, don’t assume a particular kind of coverage is provided. You must find out what the policy “exclusions” are; items that are “not” covered. Some examples of things that may not be covered are carpal tunnel, autism and pre-existing medical conditions.

Along with the exclusions, make sure to ask what the coverage limit is for each item. The answer may surprise you and its better you find out in advance of needing to activate your coverage for a medical claim. There may be limits for coverage for “each” item, such as ambulance, doctor’s visits, etc. Check the limits before you buy your health insurance plan.

Make sure you also ask about the deductible. That’s the amount you pay before the insurance company starts to pay. Many health industry pundits suggest a higher deductible is a smart move in order to reduce your monthly premiums. While this may be a good idea for some people, if you are constantly at the doctor’s for one thing or another, you might prefer paying a higher monthly premium.
And last, but not least, find out what your co-pay will be when someone visits the doctor. If it’s just you, you may be paying up to $75 per visit. This is something to ask your health insurance agent about. Just remember, you get what you get when you don’t ask things you need to ask. So, take the time to ask the questions, pay attention to the answers, and then make an informed decision.

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