The Cycle of Life and Life Insurance

When your life changes, so does your need for life insurance. As you experience these changes, you should carefully evaluate your financial needs and find policies that work for you.

When you are young, single and on your own, you may not even consider purchasing life insurance. This is because life insurance is generally designed to provide income and security to those who are financially tied to the insured, such as children or a spouse. However, there are several reasons why you might consider a life insurance policy while young and single. For one, life insurance premiums are likely to be low when you are young and in good health. Also, you may have dependent parents you wish to provide for and obtaining a life insurance policy when you are young will offer them security.

After you get married, you will want to plan for your family’s continued security. It’s a good idea to secure life insurance at this point because you are now financially tied to someone else, and your death may have significant impact on his or her security. You and your spouse will need to decide what the right amount of coverage is and whether or not you wish to purchase whole life insurance or term life insurance.

Once you start a family, you will need to consider purchasing additional coverage that takes into account all of the expenses associated with raising a child. Raising a child can be expensive, and you should consider things such as the cost of college tuition when deciding on how much coverage to add to your policy. You may even wish to consider purchasing a small life insurance policy for the new addition to your family. This can give you extra piece of mind in case of a tragic event.

After your kids grow up and move out of the house, you may have different life insurance needs. You will no longer have to worry about providing for their college education and may wish to pursue a policy that has less coverage. You will, however, still need to retain life insurance to provide for your spouse and may even choose to keep the policy you had, so that you can use the benefits in your estate plan.

Once you reach retirement age, your life insurance needs are likely to change once more. You may just need to secure enough coverage to ensure that your spouse will be financially stable and to cover any remaining debts you might have. A larger amount might be necessary if you plan to leave this money to your adult children, or if you want to use it to help with your estate taxes.

As you go through the different phases of your life, your life insurance needs are likely to change. An expert life insurance broker can help you decide what kind of coverage is right for you right now.

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