Marble or Granite – a Tough Choice

Shall it be granite or marble for your floor? It’s a tough choice.

“Marble tiles make a spectacular addition, hands-down, when you’re looking to redo a formal master bedroom, and the latest stunning application is to do the tiling on the walls and the floors,” demonstrated Dean Dupre who runs Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

The fact is that marble has a variety of applications, and all of them seem to be taking the renovation and building industries by storm. “One thing to remember though is that you need to really know the basics about marble in order to truly enjoy it. In other words, know how to maintain it, what the various grades are, what drawbacks it may have, and how much each of the different grades may cost when used in a project,” added Dupre.

Certainly there are some cons to using marble tiles when it comes to how they are laid out. This is the result of the fact that marble has veining in it and that means color variations. “This means you won’t get a perfect match, but then, a lot of people don’t care if the match is perfect when they consider the overall beauty of the finished project,” said Dupre.

When thinking about marble tiles, remember that they are classified as the ‘leftovers’ after cutting the larger slabs. It’s done that way because the biggest sizes are given priority when being cut and graded. Since that is the case, if someone really insists on finding a complete set of tiles that are the same, they’re going to looking for a long time.

“So, when you buy marble tile, make sure you only purchase tiles from a reputable dealer, one who is authorized. Then, when it comes to the installation, get an experienced installer because they will know how to get consistency out of the tiles at the installation stage,” advised Dupre, who runs Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

Watch for the installer to embed the marble tile in a consistent mortar bed. This is done because colored marble tiles, for instance the black and green ones, have a tendency to curl up when they are too wet. So if the tile is in a bathroom, the installer should be anticipating this and doing what he needs to do to make sure the tiles are laid correctly. Once the tiles are in and the bathroom is done – enjoy.

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