Homeowners Insurance Policies and Roommates

Many people who rent an apartment or a home have roommates to reduce the cost of living. Having a roommate may be one way to split the bills, but many people often forget one important bill that can’t be split: renter’s insurance.

In the eyes of an insurance company, your possessions and your roommate’s possessions are two totally different things. If you have a roommate, you should have your own homeowners or renter’s insurance policy to cover your belongings, and he or she should have a policy to cover his or her items.

A roommate is considered to be someone that you live with who is not related to you. This includes individuals you are involved with romantically. If you are married, your spouse does not need separate renter’s insurance, unless the two of you do not co-own most of what is in your home.

By having your own homeowners or renter’s insurance policy, you can ensure that you only have to pay for your own items. If the value of your items changes, then it will be solely your responsibility to pay the increased insurance rate. If, however, your roommate’s possessions were listed under your policy, you may have to pay a higher premium if he or she wants to insure pricey items, such as antiques or heirlooms.

Some insurance companies may allow roommates to be on the same renter’s insurance policy, but you may want to be careful about choosing such a policy. If, for example, there are any changes to you or your roommate’s possessions, you will need to inform your insurance company of these purchases so that they are covered. This can be a time-consuming process. In addition, changes in your possessions, especially if they are expensive purchases, may cause your rates to go up. If you and your roommate have separate policies, then you will not have to monitor your roommate’s purchases.

When you speak to a licensed Florida insurance agent about renter’s insurance, be sure to mention whether or not you have a roommate. Don’t wait for your insurance agent to ask for this information; just volunteer the information up front, so that your agent can advise you of the best policy for you.

Milla Tawnie writes for Orlando auto insurance and Orlando home insurance agency, the Florida Insurance Group. To learn more or to get auto and home insurance quotes, visit FloridaInsurance.com

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