Disclosure of Medical and Background Information

Disclosing your medical history and background information is a must when applying for a life insurance policy. Make sure that you provide your full history in as much detail as possible.

When applying for life insurance, your medical history and background will be of great importance to the insurance company. Depending on your age, you may have to complete a paramedical exam or a full medical exam. Regardless of whether this exam is required, you will first have to complete an application that asks for your full medical history and background information on your lifestyle.

Life insurance underwriters will take family history into account when considering whether or not to offer insurance to an applicant. Much of their concern will be with inherited diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, and various types of cancers, that pose a significant risk to the applicant’s health. The appearance of certain conditions in one’s immediate family (parents and siblings) can suggest a higher likelihood of the applicant contracting the disease. Therefore, it is imperative that you fully disclose all information about your family’s medical history, so that the underwriters can get an accurate picture of your health risks.

You will be required to provide information regarding your personal lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking, and these answers may affect your application for life insurance. The rational behind this is that unhealthy habits take a toll on your life. Most life insurance providers will ask about the amount that applicants smoke. The more you smoke, the greater your chances that you will be required to pay a higher premium.

Weight is something that you will also be required to disclose and will be considered in your application. You may be asked about not only your weight but also your eating and exercise habits. The increasing prevalence of obesity and its direct effect on other medical conditions means life insurance providers are now more likely to consider overweight people a greater life insurance risk and prone to higher premiums.

There are life insurance plans for those who may be considered too high risk to qualify for a standard life insurance policy. The coverage for these policies is usually smaller with limited benefits and the premiums may be higher.

While it may be tempting to lie about your health issues or lifestyle choices, it’s important to tell the truth when applying for life insurance. If the company discovers that you lied about a health condition or lifestyle choice, it can increase your premium rates, cause your policy to be cancelled, and even cause the beneficiary’s claim to the death benefit to be denied.

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