CPR Will Repair Cannibalized Apple iPads

It is in the realm of possibility for iPads to cannibalize iPod Touch devices, but what do you do if your iPad is cannibalized? If it is still intact enough to be repaired, take it to your nearest CPR.

I was familiar enough with human cannibals, most of them from primitive areas of New Jersey, in the jungle there that develops amid the poison ivy in the summertime, but this cannibalism by devices was a novelty to me. Still, if the rumors were true, iPads were beginning to cannibalize iPod Touch devices, and the mere thought of it was so creepy it sent chills up my spine.

I thought I would do some investigating, to see if there was any substance to the rumors. I placed an iPad right next to an iPod Touch on top of a blanket, and switched on a convenient camcorder to record their actions. Which one would be the aggressor? I waited. For the longest time, both the iPad and the iPod Touch seemed extremely passive. I could be patient, and in fact, had ample time to waste. I took my eyes away for just a moment and suddenly saw it – yes, it was the iPad being positively vicious, that little electronic cannibal, but finally I couldn’t stand the cannibalizing anymore and I separated the two devices – nearly losing a finger and a toe in the process. A toe you’re saying? Don’t ask. But I knew that the iPod was fine, and, actually, reverse cannibalism had been occurring, and it was the iPad that was injured, partly cannibalized, so I knew that my iPad’s only chance for repair was to be taken down to the nearest CPR shop, where an expert service technician can fix an injured iPad – even one that’s been cannibalized by a crazed iPod.

I walked down, trotted actually in my jogging shoes, a pair of Nikes, and walked into the CPR where a couple of in-house geeks, expert service technicians, immediately knew what had happened.

Cannibalized iPad?” The taller geek said, and then the words I’d been craving, “Don’t worry. We can fix it good as new.” Within an hour, he did just that – while I waited, chewing the fat, actually a piece of jerky.

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